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"Autonomous" arrivals


If when making your reservation, you plan to arrive late (outside the usual slot of 6 to 9 p.m.), no problem, but make the request beforehand.

Your arrival will then be possible at any other time after 9 p.m. (*).

The keys of the apartment you have reserved will be accessible to you in a key box connected to an address close to the rented apartment. This address will be communicated to you at the same time as your personal access code.

After a long day or a long drive, isn’t this the best way to get to your bed in record time? 😊

Check-in will be done with a rested head the day after your arrival.

This exclusive service is offered to you for only €5 (if your reservation was made outside our website, payable at check-in). The service is offered for any reservation made via our website.


(*) At night, please take care SCRUPULOUSLY of the tranquility of your neighbours.

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Key box instructions


Question: How to open the key box?

Answer: Nothing could be simpler, the key box opens by entering the temporary code received by email or SMS.

  1. Enter the temporary code on the electronic keypad of the key box.
  2. When the light turns green, open the key box door within 5 seconds, otherwise it will relock.

Take care scrupulously that the key box is perfectly closed after taking the keys.

Indeed, it may happen that the pins of the door of the key box rest against the locking mechanism without being closed. The key box then thinks that it is completely closed.

In this case, re-enter the temporary code provided and, when the light flashes green, close the door so that the light flashes blue once the key box is locked.

In case of difficulties, contact Alain at n° 33 6 03 79 65 33

Keys box